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Pipe Maintenance

Ordinary clearing

If you want your smoke to be a pleasure from beginning to end, you regularly have to clean your pipe. This operation is very effective if you do it when the dottle is still moist.  

When you finish your smoke, blow two/three times, energetically, through the empty pipe to remove any remaining  dottle from the bowl. Pay attention to where you turn the bowl to, because it is likely that ashes and pieces of tobacco might spoil the trendy white trousers you are wearing. In case the bowl is blocked and blowing is not enough, wait for the pipe to cool down and then you will be able to dismantle it without spoiling it.

N.B. never, ever, ever take the stem out of the pipe while it is still hot. Allow the pipe to cool for at least an hour before attempting to remove the stem, or you may end up with a broken tenon or a cracked shank

If your pipe does not host a filter, as our Balsa system, you can clean it using a pipe cleaner running it from the stem until it just reaches the bowl, and then remove it. If you have a filter, you need to wait for the pipe to cool down.     

Bend the cleaner into a “U” shape  and wipe out the ash clinging to the sides of the bowl until you can see only the dark layer of previous smoke which, if kept at a 1-1,5mm thickness, it will protect your pipe briar from burning. Soft pipe cleaners are enough, but from time to time you can use a nylon core pipe cleaner with a strong abrasive power. 

Now, set the pipe aside to dry completely,  stem up and bowl down, so that  the moisture left  is collected into the bottom of the bowl and evaporates in a natural way; leave it to “rest” until cold or in any case for a minimum of an hour

We kindly recommend you to replace the balsa filter every two or three smoke; filter saturation can vary according to the tobacco used and the way you smoke. When you remove the stem from the shank, take advantage of this to clean the inside with a pipe cleaner.

Scovolino BiancoScovolino DuplexScovolini NylonScovolini Conici


Periodic clearing 

With the passing of both time and smoke, your pipe will lose its gloss, the same which had fascinated you while you were choosing it among thousands of them. And tobacco combustion as well will have left traces like a darker head rim,  a thick cake layer inside the bowl, nicotine and tar deposit into the shank.  And if your pipe has an ebonite stem, this will tend to turn yellow because of the sulfur, a component of the material, which usually comes out because of usage and exposure to the light. Here are some suggestions by Savinelli.  


When (and how)  open a pipe?
As above mentioned, never ever after a smoke and in any case avoid it when you think any source of heating has altered the proportions of the different pipe components. We usually suggest to gently rotate the stem clockwise, both to insert or to remove it. This because the movement imitates the rotation of the lathe used to make the shank and you can also avoid a sort of trauma which could turn into a breaking. In case the stem is blocked into the shank or it is difficult to remove, do not force it. There is a very good trick for this kind of situation: use the freezer! Protect your pipe from humidity and food smells wrapping it into a plastic bag and then leave it in there for about ten minutes. Once removed, you will be able to open it, by magic, without any difficulty. 


Remove the dottles using Nikosolvol and Pip Spray 

We have already talked  about which kind of memories is left in your beloved pipe after every smoke. If you want to  melt both nicotine and tar remaining inside shank and stem, use gently, and with care, our Nikosolvol on a cloth, all round the bowl rim. For a normal use it is enough to moist a pipe cleaner into the liquid and then run it through the shank and stem; if the parts are particularly dirty, leave the soaked pipe cleaner inside and then use a new, clean and dry one. Using Pip Spray following the same procedure, but quicker: spray directly inside the shank and stem, wait for some moments and then use a pipe cleaner. Repeat until you will have removed all the remaining. Once finished, leave your pipe to rest for some hours. 

N.B.: never use these products on acrylic stems

NikosolvolPip Spray

Pipe polish
If after every smoke your pipe briar is opaque, just take a soft cloth with some polish paste, rub, and then use a clean cloth.

Stem polish
When your pipe ebonite stem has many  signs because you have not treated it properly, you can give it some life back using a soft cloth, some abrasive paste and elbow grease. From time to time, use a clean cloth to check the result and if not happy with the result, then start again.

                                                                    Con Dit Kit

                                                      Con-Dit - Kit: tre in uno. Una Kit utile e semplice che contiene: Pipe Polish, Nikosolvol e Stem Polish

Magic cloth

It is like the polish, but it is soaked in silicon and carnauba wax and it works for more than 1000 polishing. The Magic Cloth has a beige side, soaked, and a blue one. With the first, you rub the pipe head, then you polish it using the other side. You will be surprised by how much efficient it is.

 Panno Magico


Pipe reamers 
Better known as milling cutter. When the coal remaining layer is too thick, a hand milling cutter is necessary to remove it gently and gradually. There are different kinds of milling cutters just for pipes, more or less difficult to use. Please do not use tools like drills or lathes if you are not familiar with these or you will be likely to damage your pipe.

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